Church of South India

Church of South India emerged as an outcome of deep spiritual stirring in the minds and the hearts of the Christian people. It is an indigenous united church, formed for the carrying out of God’s will, as expressed in our Lord’s Prayer ‘That they all may be one… that the world may believe that thou didst send me’.

The Church of South India came into being in September, 1947
as an integrated Church to bring a union of Anglican, Methodist,
Presbyterian and Congregationalist (the South India United Church)
in the four Southern States of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and
Andhra Pradesh. The Church of South India Trust Association was
constituted as a legal holding body of the movable and immovable
properties of the Church of South India. The CSI-TA was registered
in September, 1947 under Section 26 of the Indian Companies Act
1913 (now Section 25 of the the Indian Companies Act 1956) as a
Religious and Charitable Company which has no business character
and with no profit motive.

CSI Cochin Diocese

CSI Diocese of Cochin (Formerly North Kerala Diocese) is one of the twenty four dioceses of the Church of South India. The diocese of North Kerala came into existence with the inauguration of the CSI, comprising of Trichur district of the former Travancore-Cochin Diocese and the former Basel Evangelical Mission Church of the SIUC.

After a long discussion in the diocese and the synod level, the
CSI North Kerala Diocese was bifurcated into two dioceses as CSI
Cochin Diocese and CSI Malabar Diocese. Cochin Diocese became
as a diocese on the September 2015 and it remained as the mother
diocese. So, this CSI diocese named as CSI Diocese of Cochin
and it is the former CSI NKD. The Geographical area of CSI Cochin
diocese comprises of four districts of Kerala; they are Palakkad,
Trichur, Ernakulam and Munnar area of Idukki District. CSI Immanuel
Cathedral, Ernakulam serves as its Cathedral. The traditions of the
CSI Cochin Diocese include CMS and Basel Evangelical Mission.